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I’m an avid reader, who started writing little notes about the books I read and kept them organized on a spreadsheet to help me remember the stories. Several years ago I started to share this spreadsheet with other readers. I was surprised so many folks enjoyed my commentary and encouraged me to start my own blog.

I hope you will enjoy my reviews and follow my blog, I suspect from time to time I may post on topics I feel strongly about, but this is mostly all about the stories.

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Five star rating system for books.

  • 5 – Loved it, would highly recommend
  • 4 – I liked it, a good read
  • 3 – Okay read
  • 2 – Didn’t care for the story, may have significant editing problems or story issues
  • 1 – Did not like at all

Five star rating system for heat level

  • 5 – Heat level is high, extremely detailed, adults only
  • 4 – Sensual, steamy, some things are left to the imagination
  • 3 – There’s intimacy but the details are glossed over, minimal details
  • 2 – Very little details, there may be intimacy but it’s either not discussed or glossed over
  • 1 – No sexual encounters, or nothing more than light affection

Genres I read: Romance, Historical, Urban Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Erotica, LGBTQ, Dark Romance, Military/Spy, Suspense, Thriller, Action Adventures, Western Romance

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Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

Story 4 of 5 stars

Heat 1 star

Series – Innkeeper Chronicles

Main characters – Dina Demille, Sean William

Listened to the audiobook version published in 2014 and narrated by Renee Raudman and I listened to the 2022 version narrated by a full cast: Alejandro Ruiz, Christopher Walker, Holly Adams, James Lewis, Karen Novack, Ken Jackson, Nora Achrati, Peter Holdway, Elias Khalil, Ryan Reid, Alex Hill-Knight. While I thought they did a good job, I preferred Renee Raudman’s narration. I thought it flowed better and was able to submerge myself in the story where the other version was a bit more jarring. The sound effects often felt more of a distraction than an enhancement of the story telling, and listening to repeated slurping of tea got a little gross. The first version is seven hours and 55 minutes while the newest version is six hours and two minutes.

Dina is an Innkeeper with pretty powerful magic while in her Inn. Her parents disappeared without a trace, she’ll hoping for clues to what happened to them but in the mean time she has taken over a dormant Inn and is working hard to bring it back to life.

Sean William Evans is an alpha werewolf who doesn’t know about his people’s history. He moved into Dina’s neighborhood and spends his time marking and protecting the neighborhood from threats.

These two clash at first, but Dina’s quiet but powerful will is more than enough to challenge and provoke an unruly werewolf.

An alien has come to their neighborhood, killing pets and moving up to larger prey. They must protect humans from discovering the aliens among them but the alien doesn’t care.
More aliens arrive to hunt down the murdering alien, providing more intrigue and a alien murder to be solved.

I loved Dina’s unflappable nature even among chaos. Sean makes a great counterpoint and their chemistry is fun and intriguing. This story is full of wonderful unique characters. I love the Innkeeper world. It’s definitely worth a re-read or listen if you like audiobooks.

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Strange Candy by Laurell K. Hamilton

Anthology 3.5 of 5 stars

Listened to audio narrated by Holter Graham. I like his voice, he’s easy to listen to.

A collection of paranormal and sci-fi novellas from the mind of Laurell K. Hamilton early in her career. Creatures run the gamut from Cupids to Vampires, murderers and superhero.

An interesting collection, some I enjoyed, some creeped me out and some were meh. None of the stories relate to the cover, so if the cover is what got your attention you will be disappointed.

Those Who Seek Forgiveness

A Lust of Cupids

The Edge of the Sea

A Scarcity of Lake Monsters

Selling Houses

A Token for Celandine

A Clean Sweep

The Curse-Maker


House of Wizards

Here Be Dragons


Stealing Souls

The girl Who was Infatuated with Death

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Flash Point by Lani Lynn Vale

Story 3 of 5 stars

Heat 5 of 5 stars

Series – Kilgore Fire

Main characters Masen Crisfield, Booth Jones

Masen Crisfield served as a Marine for eight tours before coming home to work at the Kilgore Fire Department and SWAT team. He never wanted to return after the love of his life cut him out of her life while he was deployed.

Booth Jones is a nurse. She grew up knowing her sister was going to diei young and when she was at death’s door, she did the unthinkable to the man she loved and has never truly been the same since.

They fell in love as teenagers, it ran deep and even when they broke apart neither really moved on. When Maasen returns to Kilgore, the fire that burns between these two pulls them together even though both think the other is in another relationship. Forgiveness and trust are another matter between these two.

There’s a lot of heat and passion in this story but the blurb is a bit misleading and there’s a few too many immature moments and niggling items that pulled me out of the story. But if you’re looking for heated passion between two stubborn, hot-tempered people, this is your book.

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Keeping the Throne by Nicole James

Story 4.5 of 5 stars

Heat 5 of 5 stars

Series – Royal Bastards MC: Durango, CO

Main characters – Richard ‘Rock’ Rockingham, Evelyn

Richard ‘Rock’ Rockingham is the President of the Royal Bastards MC Durango, CO Chapter. He lost his wife to a terrible accident years ago and has mourned her loss ever since. He’s a strong leader and protective of those he cares about. But he’s also lonely, with his daughter pushing him to let someone new into his life.

Evelyn is the daughter of Duck, President of the Iron Death MC. She’s tough, smart and sassy. When her boyfriend, a member of the MC is found stealing from the club he’s ‘cut bad,’ stripped of his cut and his bike. He kidnaps her and promises to get his revenge on the club.

When Duck finally gets his daughter back, he knows Malik will be back. To keep her safe, he calls in a marker with Rock’s club asking them to keep her safe until the danger is over. From the moment these two meet things start to sizzle. For the first time in years Rock is interesting in a woman and their time together only makes things hotter for them both.

While there’s still violence and mayhem in this MC read, this story is mostly about Rock allowing himself to love again after losing the love of his life and Evelyn finding a man worthy of her trust and love. There are many touching moments as well as fun, sassy and steamy ones.

These two are a great couple and I really enjoyed reading about them and loved the peeks into their lives after the main story ended. There were some scenes that were a bit lean for me and I wished the author had given us a bit more to dig into but overall, an enjoyable read.

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Hunter’s Wish by Lynnea Lee

Story 4 of 5 stars

Heat 5 of 5 stars

Series – Xarc’n Warriors: Mountains

Main characters – Fen8’k, Sarah

Fen’k is a Xarc’n Hunter. He’s wanted Sarah from the moment he helped rescue her from raiders.
Sarah has been twice burned by love and refuses to risk her heart again. But when Fen’k offers to help her find her son in exchange for giving the mating bond a chance she can’t say no.

Fen’k is a patient hunter and works hard to win over Sarah while berating his body for not initiating the mating bond. She’s his forever even if the mating bond doesn’t trigger.

Sweet, touching alien romance in a world turned upside down by alien bugs.

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