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I’m an avid reader, who started writing little notes about the books I read and kept them organized on a spreadsheet to help me remember the stories. Several years ago I started to share this spreadsheet with other readers. I was surprised so many folks enjoyed my commentary and encouraged me to start my own blog.

I hope you will enjoy my reviews and follow my blog, I suspect from time to time I may post on topics I feel strongly about, but this is mostly all about the stories.

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Five star rating system for books.

  • 5 – Loved it, would highly recommend
  • 4 – I liked it, a good read
  • 3 – Okay read
  • 2 – Didn’t care for the story, may have significant editing problems or story issues
  • 1 – Did not like at all

Five star rating system for heat level

  • 5 – Heat level is high, extremely detailed, adults only
  • 4 – Sensual, steamy, some things are left to the imagination
  • 3 – There’s intimacy but the details are glossed over, minimal details
  • 2 – Very little details, there may be intimacy but it’s either not discussed or glossed over
  • 1 – No sexual encounters, or nothing more than light affection

Genres I read: Romance, Historical, Urban Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Erotica, LGBTQ, Dark Romance, Military/Spy, Suspense, Thriller, Action Adventures, Western Romance

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Dex’s Devotion by E.C. Land and Elizabeth Knox

58114454. sy475

Story 4 of 5 stars

Heat 5 of 5 stars

Series – Reaper’s MC, Stonewall Dynasty Duet

Main characters – Dex, Ember

Dex grew up in the Reapers Rejects MC. When he receives a full scholarship to Stonewall University, he jumps on the college opportunity, as well as, to find out who attacked Rose on campus. He’s in for a few surprises once he gets there.

Ember went to live with her uncles at Satan’s Keepers MC after her parents died in a fire when she was twelve. Her uncle is the President and she’s a defacto MC princess. All grown up she heads to Stonewall University not only for an education, but for a break from her uncles.

Dex and Ember meet at a frat party and he knows he wants to know more about her. Ember isn’t sure about Dex but as they get to know each other, passions rise and love begins. This is the start of their story.

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Plugg by Erin Trejo

58774917. sy475

Story 4 of 5 stars

Heat 5 of 5 stars

Series – Royal Devils MC: Texas

Main characters – ‘Plugg’ Darek, Emily Larkin Sanders

Darek aka Plugg grew up on the streets, now he’s a member of the Royal Devil’s MC in Texas. He’s been keeping a secret from everyone, trying to protect someone very important to him.

Emily Larkin Sanders was orphaned and lived much of her young life on the streets of Texas. Until she tried to rob the wrong man. She’s been held, used and abused against her will for the last five years.

Larkin has lived a harsh life. When a drug lord says he owns you, you obey or die. Her story isn’t easy and may be difficult for some readers. When she gets a chance at freedom, she jumps at it but to save an innocent she’ll go back into hell.

Plugg wasn’t looking for a woman but when Larkin falls into his life, he decides to keep her.
This isn’t a pretty love story but it’s the beginning of something only Plugg and Larkin can claim.

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Dark Alpha’s Need by Donna Grant

57487925. sy475

Story – 4 of 5 stars

Heat – 5 of 5 stars

Series – Reaper

Main Characters – Torin, Breda

Torin is a Reaper, he and his fellow Reapers are hunting ‘The Others.’ A Fae group of Light and Dark Fae determined to wipe out the Reapers and the Dark Kings so Fae can rule the world.
Breda was manipulated into becoming a dark fae. She grew up hated and abused by her family and had hoped the Others would become her new family.

The Others is a Fae cult that once you know of them you join or you die. Breda tries to run but they keep finding her. Torin and Aisling find Breda and save her from the Others’ soldiers, in exchange for her help in tracking down the leaders of the Others.

Torin never expected to feel a connection with Breda but as he gets to know more about her, he knows he can never walk away from her. They both have pasts that hurt them deeply but together they find ways to heal.

Ainsling abandons Torin to chase after Xaneth. There’s a connection there and he drops in and out of the story several times.

While I liked the characters and seeing others from previous books, this story jumped around quite a bit. It made it hard to really feel deeply about any one in particular. The characters are likeable but were hard to connect with, I kept expecting more depth but the scene would cut away to something else.

If you are a Reaper fan this story is another step in the Reaper fight against the Others, with peeks into what the future holds. Instant attraction and another Reaper finds love. If you haven’t read the previous books, I strongly recommend it before diving into this one.

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Home for a Cowboy Christmas by Donna Grant


Story 4 of 5 stars

Heat 4 of 5 stars

Series – none indicated

Main characters – Dwight Reynolds, Emmy Garrett

Dwight Reynolds served two tours of duty, then went on to work for the FBI and Homeland Security, before returning to ranching. When his friend, a Deputy U.S. Marshal asks for a favor, he’s ready to serve and protect again.

Emmy Garrett is in witness protection after she witnessed a murder. When a leak almost gets her killed, her assigned Marshal hides her at a friend’s ranch. She’s scared and suffering from PTSD but she’s also determined to do the right thing.

Gorgeous Montana country is the backdrop to this holiday, suspenseful romance. While there’s an instant attraction, their relationship builds slowly, building layers of trust and affection. Each of them had been closed off to relationships for different reasons but life is short and when there might not be a tomorrow Emmy decides that she’s going to live and love as much as possible in the time she has left.

In ‘Wish Upon a Cowboy’ lawyer, Cady Adams finds herself stranded in a Wyoming snowstorm until, cowboy Zane Taylor rescues her and brings her back to his home.

He’s not fond of ‘city slickers’ and she’s still reeling after finding her boyfriend cheating on her. That doesn’t stop the heat from burning hot between these two. A heated night starts the flames, will it end after the storm or lead to forever?

Two holiday romances for the price of one, a nice way to start the holiday reading season.

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Meet Me Under the Mistletoe: O Holy Night by Pam Godwin

58802582. sy475

Story 5 of 5 stars

Heat 5 of 5 stars

Series – Lesson in Sin

This review is only for ‘O Holy Night’ by Pam Godwin

O Holy Night’ is a holiday novella within the ‘Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Anthology.’ It gives us a dark, heated slice of Magnus and Tinsley’s life after ‘Lessons in Sin.’

Magnus is still wickedly sinful and Tinsley loves the pain he gives. To keep her safe Magnus joins the Constantine family and the nest of vipers that surrounds them.

An attempt to kill Tinsley doesn’t stop the heat between these two, it brings them even closer together this holiday.

If the other books in this anthology are half ss good as Godwin’s this will make the holidays a bit hotter.

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